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Why Free Advertising? Because it Works

Free advertising isn’t going anywhere.  Look, I’ve been involved in network marketing for over 15 years now.  For a while when I was a stay-at-home mom, earning money on the internet was easy.  I supplemented the income from my husband’s job with the money I was making promoting my businesses and from income I made with a variety of affiliate programs, network marketing programs and from free advertising. Then the economy tanked in 2009 and everything changed.

I had to find a full-time job because people were getting scared to spend money and for a while, I was a little scared too.  It seemed like everyone just logged off their computers.  There was no website traffic on the traffic exchanges, no one was joining safelists or newsletters.  And worst of all, no one was purchasing paid advertising.  Even inexpensive paid advertising.

Fellow marketers communicated that their businesses are very slow as well. Once the economy started to bounce back, I started furiously promoting my products using free advertising and a wonderful thing happened, people started returning to the internet, specifically to network marketing and home business opportunities.  I actually never stopped using free advertising and every now and then I got a few signups.  I noticed that a lot of other people were using free advertising, because they couldn’t afford to pay for it.

My pattern of free advertising and the pattern at which people access the internet and read their emails did not change.  If anything, the volume of visitors increased and the internet was back to its usual self.  I found several new free advertising sites and continued to promote.

Free advertising couldn’t be needed now more than ever.  The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in hundreds of thousands losing their jobs.  To be able to make money fast on the internet is all some of them have right now.  Enter free advertising for those with limited funds.

I’ll share some of my best free advertising programs in future posts.

Don’t let anyone tell you that free advertising does not work, on the contrary, it does.

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